Club profile

The Anglo-Swiss Club Lucerne is a social club open to all who wish to meet people and make new friends using English as the language of communication.
The Club was founded in 1925 with the aim of promoting friendship and understanding between Swiss and foreign residents living in Lucerne and surrounding areas.
We currently have around 80 members of various nationalities. About half our members are Swiss.
The Club is a non-profit organisation with no national, political or religious affiliations.

For English-speaking foreigners

regardless of nationality, we offer you
  • an English-speaking network with extensive useful local knowledge
  • an opportunity to socialise with English-speaking expats and Swiss, outside your usual work environment, and
  • an opportunity to find out more about living in Switzerland through socialising with English-speaking Swiss.

For English-speaking Swiss

we offer you an opportunity to
  • practise your English skills with English-speakers from many different parts of the world, and to
  • share your knowledge of your country; to increase understanding by foreigners living in Lucerne and surrounding areas.