Useful links

Other clubs in Lucerne where English is spoken - the Swiss-American Society of Lucerne - the International Women's Club of Lucerne

Lucerne city and canton: - Gesellschaft Luzern-Bournemouth - the official website for the Lucerne-Bournemouth twin city society - the official website for Lucerne Tourism with lots of information in English about events and festivals, sightseeing, sports and wellness, maps, shopping and much more. - the main Canton Lucerne website with many topics of interest in English - Kanton Luzern website, only in German but an important source of information on all aspects of living in the canton

Information on Switzerland in general: - Switzerland’s official website and the main point of access to online information issued by the federal government, the cantons and local authorities (also in English) - the main portal for all information related to tourism in Switzerland - a news website in English on what is happening in Switzerland - news on Swiss current affairs, business, politics and much more